Investor segmentation and geography

Amadé Global Partners allows you to access a diverse potential investor base in France, Belgium and Luxembourg:

  • Insurance companies
  • Pension funds
  • Funds of funds
  • National and regional banks
  • Corporates
  • Private banks
  • Family offices
  • Distribution platforms
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Third Party Marketing (3PM) Services

Amadé Global Partners offers a three-phased approach of integrated services:

Proposal of sales and marketing strategy & draft of the marketing plan, discussion of asset raising objectives identification of the optimal distribution circuit and qualified client segmentation. Proposal of a marketing toolkit.

Strategy execution, launch of the client acquisition program within an estimated period of time. Launch of the brand awareness plan, client relationship management (CRM) program.

Client relationship management and follow-up on client requests for information. Communication to investors of fund reports and organization of meetings with investment managers.Tracking of client relations, systematic reporting sent to asset managers on progress made by Amadé Global Partners.


Specialized Partnerships




Level 1 · Basic materials
Corporate brochure, Power point Corporate presentation, Product sheet, Reporting sheet

Level 2 · Main materials
E-Newsletter, E-Brochure, Web banners, Web site, Video, Specific material for campaign and promotions

Level 3 · Full Range
Brochure per fund, Market update, Fund manager update, Performance reporting

Level 4 · Tactical
Internal commercial & sales ideas. Market commentary. Fund update

Level 5 · Asset Classes
Asset classes Brochures, Specific newsletters

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