Amadé Global Partners was founded early 2007 by Anaïs de Bretizel.

We are an independent advisory and business development group consisting of sales and marketing professionals focused on helping asset managers meet their financial objectives.

The Amadé Global Partners business model is based on an established profession in the US whose actors are regrouped in the US Third Party Marketers Association (3PM) Since its launch in 2007, Amadé Global Partners has become the first non-US member of the group.

In France, Amadé Global Partners is member of the Association Française des Tierces Parties Marketing (AFTPM).

We are focused on an active two-way transparent relationship with our clients, the asset management companies.
We are driven by our commitment to provide a strong working partnership including independence and impartiality in order to achieve our mutual goals.


What makes us different?

15, Rue Taitbout / 75009 Paris, France / Phone: (33) 01 77 72 65 86